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KILLA HILLS Snapback – Navy/Multi – RHC


The KILLA HILLS Snapback features embroidered detail on the front & the underbrim. Anyone care to go on a hike today? Staten Island has some killa hills if you’re into working out those calf muscles. 10304 is where you’ll find me! 80/20 Acrylic/Wool, Imported.

Look Out For The Cops Snapback – Navy – RHC x Just Sayin’


Look Out For The Cops… This piece was inspired by Wu Tang Clan member Raekwon The Chef, on his opening line from the song C.R.E.A.M. A hip hop classic that will certainly live forever! Look Out For The Cops… A very broad & ambiguous statement that probably means so much, to so many people!

There was that street kid that The Chef Raekwon was representing on the song. A street hustler with a pocket full of stones, attempting to move those “2 for fives, cuz they got garbage down the block”, exclaiming… “look out for the cops!”

There is that parent who sends their child off to a concert. No adults, just good, responsible, young people with good grades. They deserve a day of fun & taste of adult independence. As a parent you know anything can go wrong. Last words you say to them before they leave… look out for the exits… and if you need help, Look Out For The Cops!

There is that parent who understands the emotional, social, & physical disconnect between, black, brown, & blue. The psychological impact of racial profiling amongst black and brown people perpetuates fear & distrust. Anyhood, USA. This story is too real. The last words this parent tells their child… Look Out For The Cops… Context is everything.

There is the wife who sees her husband off to work. Day in and day out, protecting & serving, with honor & integrity. Razor sharp creases because, you know… some Officers are fresh AF! Daddy has baseball coaching with the boys little league team this Saturday. He must make it home tonight, tomorrow night, & every night after. This is her thought with every minute passed during Daddy’s detail… I hope there are good people out there who… Look Out For The Cops…

There are cops. There are good ones & there are bad ones… which ones are YOU looking out for?