Remember the De La Soul song “Saturdays”? If you do, then your in for a nostalgic feeling just like myself. Nonetheless, this past Saturday marked the 5th annual Harold Hunter Day event which was hosted by the Harold Hunter Foundation which was created by his elder brother, Ron.

The milestone took place right in the L.E.S. skatepark, located right under the Manhattan Bridge. Everyone got the chance to skateoff with Zoo York’s elite(Chaz Ortiz, Brandon Westgate, Eli Reed and Zered Bassett) alongside the legendary (not to mention creator of Supra footwear) Chad Muska. The best trick event was won by Shane McGrane who did a backside heelflip over the pyramid.

Music was provided by none other than DJ Smoke LES, not to mention the event being MC’d by Steven Rodriguez. Human beatbox champion J-Flo was the outro for the event immediately after the product toss to the crowd which was giving away free skatedecks, griptapes, sneakers and shirts. Even though Harold is not with us in the physical, his spirit lives through all of us, well, all of NYC to be exact. Rest in Power, Harold.

posing with Ron Hunter, founder of Harold Hunter Foundation