Everything comes in 3’s. Lucky for us sneakerheads, we got.the find that out the easy way. On Dec. 10, I got to experience the pandemonium of SneakerCon for the 3rd time this year. Only difference was that I witnessed the event as a vendor, courtesy of my RHC brethren, Geo. As a result, I witnessed (not to mention, partaking in a few transactions) the true nature of being a vendor within the versatile atmosphere of the sneaker world.

Some of the sneakers showcased within the event consisted of limited edition Nike SB’s, Original/Retro Air Jordans, Air Max Lebron’s, Old School Reebok’s, alongside a few Nike Air Mags (Marty McFly aka Back to thr Future sneakers) and countless others. There were also a few clothing vendors (mostly from the Metropolitan area) showcasing there products which range from legendary brands such as NYC’s own Supreme to New Jersey newcomers Money in the Bank Clothing.

All in all, the event was a fun filled experience with a whole lot of exclusive footwear and up and coming clothing companies showcasing their fashion catalogue for the public to see. Check out the pics. RHC 4 Life. Get right. Till next time, y’all.

Check the table.....completely vintage to the max

Geo reppin' Hard!!!!!