It’s safe to say that Saturday events during the 4th Quarter are starting to become as epic as sales at Macy’s on Black Friday. Needless to say, the DunkXChange went down for the 3rd time right at the Chelsea Art Museum in NYC. As always, people came to buy, sell, or trade their kicks, not to mention obtain some exclusive clothing apparel/accessories  from upcoming  fashion companies, alongside watching performances from local artists within the NYC/Metropolitan area.

In the midst of all the festivities taking place, Street Kings (who also co-sponsored the event w/ the DunkXChange crew)  provided the public with free energy drinks throughout the event. Some of these upcoming clothing brands that stood out amongst the rest were the Purple Pill Babies, BRKLYN STICKUP, NY State of Mind and Fame and  Fortune. DunkXChange wouldn’t be as  epic as it would be without mentioning the main act to solidify the bill: DipSet’s own Juelz Santana.

Upon his arrival to the stage, Juelz swag surfed into capo status by performing  numerous hits that ranged from his verses on “Oh Boy”, “Santana’s Town, “Crunk Muzik”, “Gangsta Muzik”, “Beemer Benz, or Bentley” and so forth.  As always, Santana put on a bangin’ performance for NYC to watch.  Bottomline is that DunkXChange never disappoints with its live performances and  display of exclusive upcoming clothing brands and sneakers. Events like these can go two ways:  it can be entertaining or an inspiration to think up an brand of your own. Can’t wait for what 2012 will bring us. One Love, y’all.